About Us

The inaugural concert was held initially in the name of the North America Medical Orchestra (NAMO) on 12/16/2017 in New York with lots of support from physicians and medical researchers. The leaders of the NAMO actually helped in 4 major concerts in Domarican Republic in 2018 & 2019 seasons. Now NAMO is reborn with the name of the Samaritan Doctors Orchestra to stretch their humanitarian activities outside of the North America. As the name of Samaritan Doctor suggests, the SDO members will be formed mainly with the physician-musicians who are ready to share their talent, love, time, and passion for music in developing countries. The first overseas performance will be planned in Kenya, East Africa in 2022 if the current pandemic issue is resolved.

Traditionally, it is well known that music has a strong power in healing. Music is played everywhere, including all kinds of celebrations and worship, making it a wonderful tool for universal communication. Additionally, as an art of “time,” is one of the best ways of sharing love. Performing classical music mainly by medical professionals may have special meaning and will attract more public interest. However it will be more meaningful when they perform the music at the place where medical services are more needed.

The NAMO leaders already have demonstrated their will of “Doctors performing music at Developing Countries” by helping 4 major concerts in Dominican Republic in 2018-2019 seasons. Their effort will bring positive influence in the lives of the young who have never heard the music of Bach, Mozart, or Beethoven before. We all believe that music has a strong power in directing the lives of the youth in a very right way. Classical music will help in developing intellectual capability, emotional stability, and effective communication skills. We are welcoming all the physicians and medical professionals who have a humanitarian spirit to serve people in need with warm hearts and compassion like a Good Samaritan.



SDO serves as a worldwide exchange platform for its members and followers in medical professions on matters relating to amateur music making.
SDO engages actively in the application of the 5 Musical Rights1 as declared by IMC (International Music Council)2 and ratified by all its members.
SDO aims to promote music making specifically by musicians who are professionals mainly in medical fields.
SDO organizes concerts in various venues across the globe where its members from medical professions perform in fastidious programs.
SDO organizes and sponsors, in conjunction with the concerts, international humanitarian activities and conferences on topics relating to music and medicine involving primarily its own members.
SDO is a not-for-profit organization run by volunteers. All its activities are in the public interest serving the civil society.